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About Art Property Management

ART Property Management is a Chicago based property management company that has been providing property management services, real estate services for over 20 years. The services offered in combination with specialized skills and dedication to the community helps increase property value. The limited amount of illegal activity in the community, the involvement of the people in the community, the condition of the property and its surrounding properties affect the property value. By maintaining safe, clean and comfortable living condition for both the community and the property owners to prosper.

Our Mission

ART provides high-quality services in combination with specialized skills and dedication to the community, which helps increase property value as well as maximize the profits of the owners. By maintaining safe, clean and comfortable living conditions, both the community and the property owners prosper.

ART’s focus is to help individuals or investors buy and develop existing houses and apartment complexes. During the redevelopment of real estate, ART has the ability to exhibit high-quality standards, which builds a reputation that expands our clientele while maximizing income. ART real estate is located in the city of Chicago targeting both elders and professionals.

Art Property Management Team

About Our Visionary

Tiffany Watkins
Tiffany L. Watkins, the designated managing broker, holds licenses as a real estate managing broker. She earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Howard University, as well as a Master of Arts in Counseling and a Master of Business Administration in Human Resources from Governors State University.
Investing in real estate is among the most significant financial decisions individuals make in their lives. It often comes with emotional attachments. Yet, as a licensed counselor, she can support both buyers and sellers in detaching from the emotional aspects of the transaction. This allows them to focus on the underlying reasons for buying or selling the property.
Her accounting background equips her with the necessary expertise to assist clients in maximizing profits and minimizing expenses. Moreover, her degrees in counseling and human resources enable her to adeptly navigate the diverse personalities encountered while dealing with tenants and employees within leased premises. With years of real estate, property management experience and her educational background, she is highly proficient and effective as a property manager.