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Are you tired of having to evict tenants? Can’t keep track of the outstanding assessments? Has your building had vacant apartments for longer than a month? Is your condo association self-managing taking up a lot of personal time? Do you not see an improvement in your property? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you would benefit from our services. Our services include Tenant Search Services, Rent Collection Services, Maintenance Management Services, and Association Management Services.


Property Management Services includes the following:

Rent Collection Service entails collection of monthly rent payments from tenants; lease renewals; rent increases; monthly and year-end financial reports; and handling all delinquencies as well as oversee evictions, if necessary (additional charge).


Maintenance Management Service entails the facilitation of the tenant move-out process (i.e., cleaning, painting, repairs, etc.). Any repair cost that exceeds more than one month of rent, will require an additional project management fee. Monthly owner disbursements; 24-hour online service; receive and respond to all tenant communications; coordinate repair/maintenance issues; vendor negotiations; incident reporting; payment of expenses on the property (optional); and, end of year reports for tax filing purposes. Please contact us for pricing.